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Who am I ?

After retiring 5 years ago from a successful and rewarding career in the Interior Design industry, I made a decision to bring my passion for journal writing to life, in combination with  my knowledge gained through a life long study of Astrology and the Enneagram, together with a curiousity for  Psychology and Philosophy.   My destiny, I believe,  is to communicate what I have learnt, to others who are ready and open to a new way of thinking and understanding.   My journey has been the search for truth, knowledge and understanding of myself and my fellow man.

Never finding the answers from conventional religiion,  along the way I have investigated the religions of Buddhism, Tao and I Ching and Spiritualism. This lifetime has been as much about self-discovery as learning about others close to me.  I believe that each of us have a different journey in life, but the blueprint we use has come from the same Source.  In order to live in harmony, we need to learn to be more compassionate about the differences between us.

I believe I have found a successful formula to help us understand who we are and who others are. My belief is that we are born under certain astrological influences for a reason.  I believe it is not coincidental, as nothing is coincidental on this planet.  Everything has a reason.

What can I do for you ?

If you choose to enquire, I will give you the symbols, signs and tools of the Universe for you to use as a way to understand yourself and the significant others in your life.

You may ask ” Why would I bother?” and you may be right.  Why would you bother to get all deep and meaningful?

The answer is to learn how to understand why you do certain things and why your relationships are the way they are. You will learn to understand how your emotions affect your thoughts and why you react the way you do, based on those thoughts.



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