A POSITIVE reaction is better than a NEGATIVE reaction

Immediately, displaying a positive reaction, will diffuse the situation.

You will have a few choices.  You will either walk away or reply in a calm, positive and re-assuring way,   or alternatively, you may react in an aggressive or a passive aggressive manner.

Which way do you go, the positive reaction of understanding and acceptance or the negative reaction of aggression?

Aggression is an action intended to hurt another person.  Passive aggression is meant to hurt someone also, but it is made out to look like the other person’s fault.  It is meant to produce a response from the receiver of the passive aggressive behaviour.

To be non-reactive you have to be able to understand who you are and how you will react, by being self-aware.  Self-awareness is stepping aside and looking at your behaviour honestly and with clarity.  Self-awareness enables the mind to be open and receptive to things we may not want to see.

Self-awareness can evolve from knowing and accepting that our Astrological Sun, Moon and Ascendant or Rising signs do affect  our daily life.  This knowledge can help us to accept that a Capricorn may be fearful and insecure about their capabilities and so repress their emotions rather than be seen as feeling their emotions.

An Aquarian may be so busy being intellectual that they don’t have time for all that feeling stuff.  A Leo is so busy working in order to achieve their goals and to gain recognition, that they tend to repress their emotions in the process.




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