From Cave to Computer … A spiritual journey

“Books are the plane,


I have so much trouble with computers that I am convinced that I came into this lifetime direct from a cave. That solitary life was spent as a philosopher struggling with the answers to life and the woes of mankind.  In this lifetime I have been intrigued  by, and desired to know what makes people tick and the why of our existence. The computer aspect has been one of my greatest teachers showing how easily I can get frustrated and annoyed by a machine.

Never finding the answers from conventional religion, but still holding my faith in God, I turned to Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, Philosophy, Buddism, Tao and I Ching, Spiritualism and the Enneagram. The study of these subjects has thrown me into a life that is constantly evolving.  My destiny, I believe is that I must pass on this knowledge in order to help others who are open and ready for a new way of thinking and understanding.

This lifetime has been as much about self-discovery as learning about others close to me. The number of experiences and the number of people who have passed by me in this life have all moulded the physical person that I am today.  As for my spirit, it has always been with me as that little voice inside guiding me, alerting me to danger, giving me courage when needed, spurring me on for more knowledge and showing me my weaknesses.

I am writing a number of books, yes, all at once.


Each week I will blog about any of these subjects as I proceed along the unending journey of discovery as my life, my thirst for more knowledge, and these books evolve.

You are most welcome to join me on my journey …


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