Who are you?

Are you seeking the truth about who you are?

Our greatest teachers in life are often the ones closest to us.  They mirror what we sometimes don’t want to see in ourselves or they can reflect who we are.imagesEP1VZU87

As the Bible quotes from Acts “know the truth and the truth will set you free”.  I believe that knowing the truth about yourself will set you free, to enable you then to understand and  to show compassion for yourself and for others.   To seek self awareness means that you have to open your mind to the possibility that you do not know everything.  That thought can be fearful and threatening, to some.

We are all different

Spiritual transformation results when you move from seeing things strictly in physical material terms to seeing that there are reasons why things happen as they do; that there is a greater plan behind them.  To see and be able to accept these clues, we need to be willing to change, to grow, to see things differently to what we always have thought, believed and done.

We are all different.  We all act and react differently.  That is because we are all individual and we all have free will.  There are thousands of combinations of personalities and just like actors we all have a role to play in each lifetime.  We learn from  our childhood conditioning, our genes which we bring with us and the lessons that life unfolds for us.  We have learnt to portray that character, in order to receive the acceptance and approval that we think we need from other people.

If you can remove negative reactions, impatience and judgement from your life, it would mean you could become more understanding. You could understand and accept yourself, and also why you have made certain choices.  You can then have the courage to accept why your life has woven through the many valleys and mountains of life so different to others.

I believe that knowing the truth about yourself will set you free, to enable you to understand and to show compassion for yourself and for others.

The symbols

For centuries the Universe has influenced human’s lives on a daily basis.   Inhabitants from all parts of our world have looked to the Planets for guidance and direction. The Universe has given us many esoteric symbols to enable us to seek the images[2]truth and knowledge about ourselves and our fellow human beings.

We can still do that today, but we need to be aware and have the desire to seek and investigate the possibilities.  How we interpret these symbols and how we express their knowledge is unique to each one of us.

My search has been to connect all these teachings, symbols and tools to see if there is a common thread woven into each person’s character.   The clues to who you are, are scattered everywhere like puzzle pieces.  You have to link the pieces together to find the real you. 

The Journey

The time, place and date of our birth all pinpoint to the planetary positions on our Birth Chart. We are not forced to believe in their influences because we all have free will to choose whether to believe or not.  Whatever you feel or think or do is ok, because it is your life.  But ~ take care and consider the consequences of those choices. Will they harm or hurt someone? Will they grow your ego or will they be of benefit to you, someone else and mankind?

We can learn to use these influences in order to develop our Mind, Body and Spirit. We can harness and enforce the laws of the universe by using the knowledge of Astrology and implementing those influences in our daily lives.

I believe that each of us has a different jouney in this life, but the blueprint we use has come from the same source. We are all different and unique and it is possible to be more compassionate about these differences in order to live in harmony.

By understanding the relevance of all the esoteric symbols used in astrology and the tools which have been handed down through the centuries of civilizations, we can find the final key to the puzzle of how to understand ‘Who we are’.





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