What are your goals in Life?


What are the goals in life for each zodiac sign. 


~ may desire to use their initiative, enthusiasm and high energy levels to take them on many adventures in life.


~ may be quietly determined using their natural tenacity to achieve materialistic stability, security and success.


~ may have the need to acquire and accumulate knowledge and then will want to communicate that knowledge to others.


~ may use their strong paternal and/or maternal instincts to create a happy home.


~ may use their creative self-expressive abilities together with their excellent organizational skills to take them into many fields of leadership.


~ may use their analytical, practical and hard working abilities in the service to others.


~ may use their diplomatic, creative and artistic abilities as an example to the world.


~ may use their determination, hard working and purposeful mindset to achieve success in whatever field they take.


~may use their agile and quick mind, excellent physical strength and eternal optimism to explore the world and the meaning of life.


~ may use their responsible, stable, practical and tenacious nature towards building communities.


~ may use their creative and original genius for scientific and humanitarian purposes and for the benefit of mankind.


~ may use their sympathetic, compassionate, kindness, and artistic abilities for the enjoyment and inspiration of mankind.


2 Responses to “What are your goals in Life?”

  • Janet Hamilton:

    Spot on with ‘Scorpio’. All the Scorpio’s I know, including myself, are very determined and have a growth mindset which is generally not motivated by finances but a passion for what they do.
    Thanks Anna

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