If you understand Who You Are and where your feelings, thoughts, reactions and actions come from, then it will be easier to understand the same of others.

“Why bother” you ask?

If you do make the effort to understand, it will greatly improve your relationships with others.

“Why bother to have better relationships” you ask?

Better relationships will bring us happiness.  Better relationships will enhance our learning process while on Earth, because we learn from other people.   Better relationships will give us love, empathy, forgiveness and compassion.  Better relationships allows us to understand why someone is behaving in the way they are.  Better relationships enables us to stop, listen, understand and be non-reactive.

We can say to ourselves, “I know he is frustrated because I won’t agree with him, but I am thinking also of what I want and being assertive of my own needs, this is my Aries Moon influencing my emotions.

“I know that she is being hyper-sensitive (because she is a Pisces) but I will not react because I love her and understand that she feels she has been abandoned.”

“I understand that everything he does has to be perfect (because he is a Virgo) and he is critical when I am not perfect.  I will walk away and not react because I am a Libran and only want peace and harmony.



  • Susan Fisher:

    So, what you’re saying is… if we understand the zodiac signs better, we will understand ourselves and others better ?

    • Anna:

      Thanks for your interest Sue. What I mean and am not specifically saying clearly is that if we were to use our three dominant zodiac signs on our Birth Chart, for example, our Sun, Moon and Ascendant or Rising sign as a map and accept that these three zodiac signs influence our daily life, then, we can understand ourselves and why we behave in such a way. Our Sun sign is a reflection of our Spirit, it is how we “shine” in our life. Maybe, you have a Leo Sun sign, then you will shine when you creatively express yourself. If you Moon sign is Aries, your emotions will be affected in an Arian way…perhaps in an assertive manner. When your Ascendant or Rising sign is say Taurus, your “mask” to the world will be of a person who is intent on accumulating possessions and material security. These three signs which we all have, all affect our personality. Our Ascendant influences how we create our Ego in the first seven years of childhood. If your Ascendant is Pisces, you will perceive life through a Piscean influence and interpret things emotionally and perhaps from an unrealistic point of view.

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